Computer Sales, Servicing and Repairs in Taree, NSW.

Coastal Computing Solutions specialises in business and residential computer installation and servicing. Of course you’ll get the best data storage and backup, the best hardware and software capabilities, the right operating systems and the technical expertise to manage your IT. Coastal Computing also knows you need more than the nuts and bolts of technology, something that doesn’t have a price tag and is not easy to earn. It’s trust – and Coastal Computing delivers.

Coastal Computing Solutions has been helping businesses operate at their very best for more than 15 years. Owner David Bourne has been building the company and its gold star reputation since 2002, embracing constant changes in technology to keep his customers competitive. His team will set up, service and maintain the right computer systems so you can spend your time doing business – because that’s what he does best and business is what you do best.

At home we are just as dependent on technology – to keep in touch, pay bills, to participate in life. Our residential computer systems store our personal information, our precious images and irreplaceable memories. And most of us would rather be getting on with the business of life than fretting about what’s gone wrong with our computers.

Coastal Computing Solutions is there when you need it – when your technology lets you down, the internet has dropped out, the printer doesn’t work, emails are choked, smoke coming from your computer, a virus infection or files are lost.

The consequences for businesses and individuals when that happens can be catastrophic. Coastal Computing Solutions knows that without functioning IT, a business can stop operating. It’s like a carpenter without hammer and nails, a bricklayer without bricks. Your IT has to work, every time, whether it’s powering your business computing and accounting systems, managing your emails, running your checkout, managing business strategy – all the technology you need to open your doors to business, every day.


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