Coastal Computing Solutions is more than just a retailer, more than a service centre and more than a computer repair business. From small beginnings in Taree it has grown into the Mid-North Coast’s most sought after one stop IT service centre. Coastal Computing Solutions specialises in management of IT for businesses, as well as home and residential sales and repairs.

Coastal Computing Solutions came of age in 2002 under the helm of highly experienced electronic technician David Bourne, who has worked for more than 20 years in the computer industry. He now leads a team of skilled technicians who can guide you and your business through the sale, installation, maintenance and repair of one of your biggest investments – your IT.

“We count big businesses among our clients, including accounting and legal firms, real estate agents, aged care facilities, medical and dental clinics, vehicle dealerships, mining companies, veterinary clinics, education facilities, as well as many small business operators and residential clients,” David says.

“If there’s a problem with the IT systems in a business, all you have is a room full of people who can’t work. For anyone working in an office, IT is their number one tool and we make sure our clients have the minimum downtime if anything does go wrong. We know their business relies on their IT running without a hitch.”

David ensures his clients know what they need for their business and more importantly what to do to keep the systems secure.

Coastal Computing Cyber Security“People get complacent.” he says. “We ask clients what they would do if their business burnt down tomorrow – do they have a disaster recovery strategy? If there was a break and enter with equipment stolen, are they prepared with secure central back-up for their data?”

Coastal Computing Solutions will audit your business IT requirements to determine what procedures you should have in place, and what improvements can be made, how to best use services such as Google Suite, Microsoft Exchange or Dropbox, advise on threat minimisation using the latest internet security software and cloud based email screening tools such as Mailguard and check your backups. The question you should be asking yourself is whether you are prepared for a ransomware attack and what would you do if the worst happened?

IT is one of the largest investments you will make in your business. It’s vital you have a team with the knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot problems, minimise downtime and maximise your investment.

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